Reprinting Rules

Please read the following before reprinting:

  1. All reprints must be marked with the source, and self-made applications must be marked with the author or team and their link
  2. Reprinted by our self-made application, we need to show screenshots of the real machine running, and take pictures of the real machine when it is running (watermark is recommended to prevent theft of pictures)
  3. Starting from 2021-07-25, the tutorials, resources, and self-made applications provided by us are prohibited from being reposted to Baidu Tieba(e.g. 翻盖手机吧、kaios吧). From 2021-11-06, reprinting to QQ group(814458036) is prohibited.
  4. Reprinting of unauthorized resources is prohibited (see the table below for the scope of reprinting)
Accept Reject
Our team’s made apps (hosted on GitHub and QQ groups) Our team’s made apps (Only used within the development group)
Self-compiled, self-packaged resources KaiOS phone firmware (undisclosed or prohibited by the manufacturer’s request)
KaiOS phone firmware (publicly available, such as Nokia 8110 4G)
Our original introductory tutorials (such as blogs, videos)
Manually import Let's Encrypt new root CA for KaiOS devices that have not obtained OTA or have been abandoned for updates
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